Check out the beautiful new Spring 2011 video for Rebecca Minkoff. And yes, it’s been forever since I’ve last posted. Eek.



I looked out the kitchen window, and the sky was doing all sorts of things.

blurry-city-lightshow-introspectivesan-francisco-nightsan-francisco-city-lightspretty-blurry-lightsCorona Heights, SF, CA:┬áIt feels like I’m on top of the whole city, and I can’t stop staring.


Photos from my first week back in the city. So long ago. Time is freaking me out and flying by.


The entrance to our apartment. Teal... awesome.


Perfect afternoons, on the verge of stepping into the sun


Quaint gardens like Alice in Wonderland


Also, love the vintage-style bathroom fixtures.

Everything is busy, everything is Fall, and life is spinning so quickly.
The other day I was in a bookstore and found myself in the Philosophy section. Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre sat just a few rows apart, and I thought… “Now they get to hang out forever together. Separate but within reach of one another, just how they liked it.”


Sad panda pumpkin!

We got a bit eager for Halloween and carved this baby a couple days ago. It’s now getting a bit moldy on the front porch, but we adore it nonetheless. This masterpiece only took… 1 bag of candy corn, 3 hours, and lots of scraping with ill-shaped pumpkin carving tools. And yet, we’re thrilled!


The process. (Not my arms. Boy arms.)

It’s been a while… here are a couple shots from the Hardly, Strictly Bluegrass music festival in Golden Gate Park, SF, CA. It was like a mini, tame photocopy of Woodstock.


Zombie mania for the moped rally last weekend.


I love all the metallic, especially the incredibly gorgeous final dress.


Prints! And I'm into the silhouettes of this collection... love the cinched waist + full skirt.


So many nice things here. The tight bodices and that kimono-looking robe... awesome.


Glam, glam, glamour. Audrey Hepburn tribute/influence on the first dress, anyone?


A man who fills my desires for monochrome and simplicity. And hey, I like those shoes.

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Just tried Whole Foods’ non-dairy, no-nuts cookies and they were delicious, and super easy. Made to satisfy kids everywhere. (Even 22 yr-old ones named Andy.)