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Screen caps from the music video for VITAL’s “Airport.” For some reason the embedding isnt working, so watch/listen to VITAL “Airport” on Vimeo. It’s perfect.

We have two weeks left. What? That’s almost completely impossible to comprehend. We’re headed to LA next weekend, and I’m excited for the predictably 72 and sunny weather. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll most likely be disappointed. Just a bit.

Things to know:

1. Part of my hair is now pink. Very pink.

2. We’re returning to SF in September. YAY.

3. We’re seeing Boyz Noize tonight, woo! Dance party ensues.

4. Naan is the best thing ever, especially at 2:15am, while Chat Roulette-ing with the roommates. (Note: Chat Roulette is no longer cool, after the four minutes of fame it aspired to, thanks to the overwhelming amount of perverts that have discovered and swarmed the already janky site. Don’t try it.)

Taken on the fly on our way home from the park. Kind of LA though.

YACHT played a show at Apple the other day and it was so awesomely surreal. Nothin like the juxtaposition of “cool band meets corporate headquarters.” They were super sweet though, and duh, I loved it.

YACHT – Psychic City (Voodoo City)

Photoblogging, begin.

Esquire Photo

The Esquire

While I’m mostly set on featuring photography, I’ll do my best to add other things of interest as well.

Thrilled to find new music. I’ve gotten rather into this mellow shoegaze electronica movement. Check out Milosh, Ulrich Schnauss, M83 and
Explosions in the Sky, or listen to Milosh radio on Pandora.

An Ulrich Schnauss piece: