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... just a minute.


Tablet finally recaptured. Sketching, reinstated.

Has anyone read Magic Molly’s blog? If you dig back a few pages, her writing starts to show through, and she’s a pretty fantastic writer.

Today I…

– put my feet up on the dashboard

– napped for 2+ hours

– ate a whole carton of blueberries

– was confounded as to why Pandora chose to play John Mayer on The XX radio.


Erin Fetherston.


Vena Cava.

My in-progress styleboards. Check itttt.


Field day dress.


Cityscape dress.

Color alterations on the two dresses I just bought (and received in the mail yesterday.) Can’t tell you how exciting it is to receive packages. Unbelievably exciting, I must admit.


This is summer.

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn. It used to be a daily thing, and then, well, my creativity sort of evaporated into the atmosphere ever since college happened. But drawing revives it a bit, so cheers for that.


Canyon Lake, circa 2008

Bad Photoshop job? Eh, who cares. It’s summer.


Cold and windy, Rodeo Beach.

Photoshoot just outside of the city (SF). Take, take, take my picture.


Scrabbletown, USA

Say yes to boardgames.


Old drawings. Cool.

Once upon a time, I drew things.



Yes, once upon a time I drew people!

I blame a curiously strong case of jet lag for my lack of writing. Also, work started this week and I’ve been fighting perpetual exhaustion for the past seven days! Strange. But, work! Again, I find myself falling into the work schedule: early to bed, early to wake, with little activity in between. The 2hr commute isn’t so helpful either, but the charter buses are fairly conducive to napping.

On the bright side, the weekend brings such promise!


Out into the real world (again)

Notes on Paris: It was perfect and I miss being in Paris so much (beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup). I never knew it was so difficult to love the city you’re in (San Francisco is one of my favorites, no doubt) when you’re missing the one you just departed. I’ll probably post more about Paris later, but for now, an overview will have to do 🙂

Notes on San Francisco: Everything is going smoothly (albeit tiredly). Work is good. Apple is good. It seems that it is just as I expected, actually, and I haven’t made up my mind on how I feel about that yet. I’m certainly warming to my cool surroundings (it’s 50°F and overcast) and I already feel at home while trotting about the city.

More, soon!

I have never successfully viewed the entirety of the Oscars and this year will be no different (in fact, I don’t even own a working tv… lame? Maybe, but I’m not ashamed! I spend too much time looking at screens anyways.)

However, the “Oscar buzz” is taking over the media and has subconsciously influenced me to draw. And buy new shoes. They were so comfortable in the store, but once I started walking on the pavement they were…not. So now I’m currently in search of shoe inserts that make my feet feel like they’re walking on clouds of heaven. Suggestions?


Sketches, sketches


New Shoes, New Blisters

On a more scholarly note, I’ve been researching globalization on design and I really enjoyed this TED Talk. So check it out for some intellectual fodder accompanied by a great British accent.


I made this dress orange because, frankly, I’m obsessed with orange. And speaking of orange, I am eating a really juicy and delicious tangelo (orange and tangerine hybrid, I believe).


Juicy, delicious, easy to peel, and worth the seed-spitting.

It appears to be very lovely and sunny outside my window– of course, when I step outside, it’s still freezing. Can’t wait until spring… please come quickly.


Marchesa SP_2010 (Photo credit:

On another note, I loved the majority of the fanciful and gorgeous looks from Marchesa Fall 2010, but I’m also digging the hood trend. The NYTimes provides a bit of insight with a straightforward interactive feature:

I’ve been incredibly busy with coursework but it seems like lately I have been sketching whenever I get distracted (which happens to be every ten minutes.) Also, I painted a mug the other day but I’m waiting for it to get back from the kiln! For now, here’s a replica of the illustration I drew on my mug:


Reminds me that spring is soon....

Also, why is it incredibly difficult for me to find a decent map of Paris? I just like to have a mental image of the city I’m about to explore.

Google search produced these results:


In case I need to find all the monuments?


Map of Paris on a cake... great!

But, I’m just as excited even if I can’t find a helpful map. Here is a shot I took last September in Paris, and I’m posting it only because I still can’t stop thinking about seeing everything again. So excited!


Le Seine, Sept 2008

And last, some fashion things:


Waterfall Jersey Jacket, Topshop


H&M Fashion Studio... Have you tried it? Sort of addicting...