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Check out the beautiful new Spring 2011 video for Rebecca Minkoff. And yes, it’s been forever since I’ve last posted. Eek.


I love all the metallic, especially the incredibly gorgeous final dress.


Prints! And I'm into the silhouettes of this collection... love the cinched waist + full skirt.


So many nice things here. The tight bodices and that kimono-looking robe... awesome.


Glam, glam, glamour. Audrey Hepburn tribute/influence on the first dress, anyone?


A man who fills my desires for monochrome and simplicity. And hey, I like those shoes.

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zahn karl areaware polar bear animal box


zahn karl areaware polar bear animal box

Cutest thing EVER. Karl Zahn, Areaware. $35. Be mine.

And now, a good lookin’ home on the West Coast by Sebastian Mariscal Studio.

2inns house exterior street view2inns house bedroom2inns house exterior view through house2inns house living room portrait

Project: inn2, Location: San Diego, CA. All things found on dwell.


Heels, Céline. Want, now.

cherner chair light black white

Norman Cherner Tube Lamp

Cool things.


Gaetano Pesce's alterable shoe for Melissa Shoes, Brazil.

Perhaps it was an uniformed slip of vocabulary, using “interactive” in the description of these user-alterable shoes. Yet when the tagline of this NYTimes Magazine article read, “An Italian architect and designer designs an interactive ankle bootie for the masses,” I thought, in my designer-conscious mind, “Wow, interactive, eh? I wonder how and what it communicates with the user.” I immediately wanted to simultaneously scoff at and kick myself for thinking that this highly debated definition in the interactive design field would be handled with such delicacy by the rest of the world. As a designer, you’ve got to be spot on when you call something “interactive,” especially when speaking to user interface or experience professionals. Yet it’s simply an umbrella term for “the user can change this product in some way,” for journalists, businessmen, etc. The whole insignificant situation made me a bit nostalgic for the days when I had less information in my brain; the days when I didn’t have to stop myself and say, “Hello! Are you being pretentious!?”

Nonetheless, once you buy the shoe, you can alter it by cutting it in any way. The “ankle bootie” is made out of PVC circles, and it’s built to be edited. This shoe is, conceptually, a good idea. I might even go as far as to say that I like the concept! (And how very un-designer that would be!) Well, check out the article for more info 😉


Not sure what I'm looking at here, but I like.


This style is pretty perfect. Beijing art.


I won't make an off-colour joke about this, but you know.


Ahh, je l'aime. Monochrome Macs.


Silent World by Michael Kenna. Beauty.

mathiaslauridsenforau5 by Errol Style 3.

Hipster-prep approved.


Barcelona bikester.

Bikin' bag.


This has nothing to do with bikes, but it's very true.

Bikeworks NYC, vintage.

I sometimes fear that if I buy a bicycle, I won’t be able to operate it properly and will most likely fall over.


"Croissants are for fatties" hair.


"Is it a square?" hair.


"I was once Marie Antoinette" hair.


"The beehive is nocturnal" hair.


"How preposterously revolting" hair.


"You're quite something of a doll" hair.

weiner residence portrait at desk

LOTEK, Weiner Renovation, NYC.


Lee F. Mindel, Manhattan apt.

sagaponac house 43 exterior back patio pool

House 43, Sagaponac, Long Island.

sliding kitchen interior kitchen stove and cabinets

Sliding Kitchen, Workstead, NYC.

jennifer post interior design

Jennifer Post, Central Park, NYC.


Sam Trimble for Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi. Tribeca penthouse.

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