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Noe Valley.




View from the top of the hill, 25th street.

Desaturated, high-contrast afternoon in San Francisco.




The perfect blue


Boy + Tree, Santa Barbara, CA


Train passengers wave to the warm coast


Aeroplane, encore, encore


...and we listened to Pretty Lights


You could be in several different places


Still idle, 7:22pm


7:35am, cable car, Lombard St.

I can’t stay away for long. The Midwest is far too humid. But home for the summer I am, and trying to get my brain into an acceptable, education-oriented mode before, oh, tomorrow. Listen to:

Heart Skipped a Beat – The XX

Black and Blue – Miike Snow

Ghosting – Freelance Whales

Currently want pints of blueberries, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and the new iPhone 4; and avidly devouring the pages of Lolita. Stay cool.


Heading home, up the hill.


Hurrying through Chinatown


What exactly are these things? More importantly, why are they everywhere?


Citywide bike ride. Naked, boombox-carrying riders included.

We have two weeks left. What? That’s almost completely impossible to comprehend. We’re headed to LA next weekend, and I’m excited for the predictably 72 and sunny weather. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll most likely be disappointed. Just a bit.

Things to know:

1. Part of my hair is now pink. Very pink.

2. We’re returning to SF in September. YAY.

3. We’re seeing Boyz Noize tonight, woo! Dance party ensues.

4. Naan is the best thing ever, especially at 2:15am, while Chat Roulette-ing with the roommates. (Note: Chat Roulette is no longer cool, after the four minutes of fame it aspired to, thanks to the overwhelming amount of perverts that have discovered and swarmed the already janky site. Don’t try it.)

Taken on the fly on our way home from the park. Kind of LA though.

YACHT played a show at Apple the other day and it was so awesomely surreal. Nothin like the juxtaposition of “cool band meets corporate headquarters.” They were super sweet though, and duh, I loved it.

YACHT – Psychic City (Voodoo City)

Blogging reconvenes!

I realize its halfway through the quarter already and I’ve made little attempt to post anything new, but frankly I’ve just been busy!


Being touristy

Bars we’ve tried:

Tony Nik’s

The Saloon*


Noc Noc


The Ace

Li Po



901 Columbus Caffe

Noodle Bar & Grill (Thai)

King of Thai (duh)

Gott’s (burgers)

Chouchou (French)

Tommaso’s (Italian)

North Beach Sushi

In-N-Out (burgers & fries, duh)

Tanpopo (Japanese ramen noodles)

Naia (gelato)

Melt (gelato)

Café Sapore

Crepe Express

El Toro (Mexican in the Mission)

Bi-Rite (got a warm panini from this gourmet grocery)

Cuban sandwiches (forget where from)

Naan & Curry (less-than-mediocre Indian)

…and some other Italian and Indian places in North beach.

My birthday was on Monday. It was good. I had two whole drinks! Whoa! Drunk. Alright, maybe I had like 1.5 drinks. But I’m Asian and I was most certainly drunk.

The past few weekends have been great — sunny and 60’s and 70’s. It gets chilly at night so we’ve become pro San Franciscans and have learned the art of layering. We’ve gone toDolores Park, Washington Square Park, and Golden Gate Park. Definitely different experiences at each.

Overall, life is great. We complain about the cold weather, but that’s about all. We found a cute shop called Therapy and I’ve already visited it (and purchased things) twice in one weekend..

Hope to head to Napa Valley soon. Wooot.


The roof of our apartment building = a perfect view

It’s been rather difficult to keep up with writing. On that note, San Francisco feels a lot like it could be home… I’d say Paris and San Francisco are vastly different cities, but closely tied on my list of places to live.

Weekends: Last Saturday was nice, so we bussed ourselves over to Haight-Ashbury to peruse the vintage clothing & exchange stores. (I am still debating whether or not I should sell the majority of my dwindling wardrobe at Buffalo Exchange and just start over. Will keep you posted on that.)

The past couple weekends have been disappointingly cool and overcast, but we managed to get out and look around a bit anyhow. We’ve been in search of a good bar, and we’re quickly discovering that we need to get out of North Beach and head down to the Mission to find those hipster/yuppie places we college folk mesh into so happily. That said, we visited a couple places last night that qualified as hipster-ish hotspots. Toronado’s and Noc Noc are about 25 feet apart on Haight. I think the overall consensus was that Toronado’s is definitely re-visitable, with its expansive selection of unique beers (they do not serve PBR at this bar; less hipster than we thought), while Noc Noc’s was questionably a cave/black-lighted-tribal-hangout disguised as a bar. All good exploration though!

Weekdays: From Mon-Fri, you can find me trekking up the mini-mountain that is Lombard St, between Taylor and Van Ness. Yes, it is 6 blocks of vertical trudging, and maybe I will draw a diagram of this one day. I even get to hike by the slew of tourists scattered along Lombard every evening. I bet I’ve made it into at least 3 vacation photos. (Okay, I’m sure I’ve made it into one photo, since the man was leaning out the window and snapping shots of me walking down Lombard St as he hollered, “Hallo!”)


Yes, I realize this picture is upside-down. Camera pic while hiking up Lombard in the a.m.


View from the top (of Lombard). Better photo needed.

Okay, that’s all for now. And it was rather a lot of text.