Salut! ¡Hola! Hi! This is Fotovine... in alphabet cookies.


Collage of the day: found items... Fossil change purse (with euros inside!), shield ring from Therapy (SF), bird necklace from Successories (SF), Nikkor 18-55mm lens, pocket mirror from Versailles, and the book I'm currently reading: Andy Warhol's biography.


My new baby, chillin.


Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies. One of my top 5 best snacks ever.


Navy Chucks from four years ago. Worn today in the rain.

Photo-documentation of today, so far.

Things to ponder:

  1. What to watch now that the World Cup is over?
  2. World news: terrorism in Uganda, riots in Belfast, disputes in North Korea, oil in the Gulf, war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, Russian spies in the US, child-molesting Bishop in Belgium, crisis in Kashmir and arrests in Italy — and that’s just the front page of the paper.
  3. Why does my phone randomly turn itself off at least once a day?

That’s enough for the day!