Blogging reconvenes!

I realize its halfway through the quarter already and I’ve made little attempt to post anything new, but frankly I’ve just been busy!


Being touristy

Bars we’ve tried:

Tony Nik’s

The Saloon*


Noc Noc


The Ace

Li Po



901 Columbus Caffe

Noodle Bar & Grill (Thai)

King of Thai (duh)

Gott’s (burgers)

Chouchou (French)

Tommaso’s (Italian)

North Beach Sushi

In-N-Out (burgers & fries, duh)

Tanpopo (Japanese ramen noodles)

Naia (gelato)

Melt (gelato)

Café Sapore

Crepe Express

El Toro (Mexican in the Mission)

Bi-Rite (got a warm panini from this gourmet grocery)

Cuban sandwiches (forget where from)

Naan & Curry (less-than-mediocre Indian)

…and some other Italian and Indian places in North beach.

My birthday was on Monday. It was good. I had two whole drinks! Whoa! Drunk. Alright, maybe I had like 1.5 drinks. But I’m Asian and I was most certainly drunk.

The past few weekends have been great — sunny and 60’s and 70’s. It gets chilly at night so we’ve become pro San Franciscans and have learned the art of layering. We’ve gone toDolores Park, Washington Square Park, and Golden Gate Park. Definitely different experiences at each.

Overall, life is great. We complain about the cold weather, but that’s about all. We found a cute shop called Therapy and I’ve already visited it (and purchased things) twice in one weekend..

Hope to head to Napa Valley soon. Wooot.


The roof of our apartment building = a perfect view