I blame a curiously strong case of jet lag for my lack of writing. Also, work started this week and I’ve been fighting perpetual exhaustion for the past seven days! Strange. But, work! Again, I find myself falling into the work schedule: early to bed, early to wake, with little activity in between. The 2hr commute isn’t so helpful either, but the charter buses are fairly conducive to napping.

On the bright side, the weekend brings such promise!


Out into the real world (again)

Notes on Paris: It was perfect and I miss being in Paris so much (beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup). I never knew it was so difficult to love the city you’re in (San Francisco is one of my favorites, no doubt) when you’re missing the one you just departed. I’ll probably post more about Paris later, but for now, an overview will have to do 🙂

Notes on San Francisco: Everything is going smoothly (albeit tiredly). Work is good. Apple is good. It seems that it is just as I expected, actually, and I haven’t made up my mind on how I feel about that yet. I’m certainly warming to my cool surroundings (it’s 50°F and overcast) and I already feel at home while trotting about the city.

More, soon!