I’ve been incredibly busy with coursework but it seems like lately I have been sketching whenever I get distracted (which happens to be every ten minutes.) Also, I painted a mug the other day but I’m waiting for it to get back from the kiln! For now, here’s a replica of the illustration I drew on my mug:


Reminds me that spring is soon....

Also, why is it incredibly difficult for me to find a decent map of Paris? I just like to have a mental image of the city I’m about to explore.

Google search produced these results:


In case I need to find all the monuments?


Map of Paris on a cake... great!

But, I’m just as excited even if I can’t find a helpful map. Here is a shot I took last September in Paris, and I’m posting it only because I still can’t stop thinking about seeing everything again. So excited!


Le Seine, Sept 2008

And last, some fashion things:


Waterfall Jersey Jacket, Topshop


H&M Fashion Studio... Have you tried it? Sort of addicting...